Chapter 8

That day was a high point in the 1010s career.  We never performed together again though we were reunited again briefly in my bedroom the following summer.  Russ, Al, Scot, George, joined Chris, me and guest artist friend, Matt Morrison for an impromptu acoustic musical jam while Chris was home from school.

It was always special for us to have Chris around.  He was the musical genius that made it all work.  Though we each had talent, Chris was the cornerstone that brought it all together.  He led us to heights of musical expression wed never before or since been able to achieve. 

That night in my bedroom was one of the most memorable.  I had been learning recording technique through experimentation having recorded Chris often after school.  I was getting pretty good at recording acoustic un-amplified music so that it sounded natural just as it occurred.  Similar to the way I made my photographs. 

I strategically placed two microphones to capture the ambient room sound in stereo and used three microphones for vocals with one mixed to the center channel and the other two panned a bit off center left and right.  George plugged his Gibson electric guitar directly into the mixer center channel with just enough playback through the speakers so we could hear him.

It was commonplace for us to sit around and sing and play.  This night the tape was rolling and the result was marvelous.  None of us expected this night to be the last time wed sing and play together.  Chris returned to school in Boston and soon formed the Chris Rhodes Band.  Scot moved to California and Matt to Atlanta.  Soon after Al also moved to California. 

The 1010 became a legendary memory from then on.  I had the tapes!  Countless hours passed listening and reliving the moments I once took for granted. 

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