Michell Parenti

Chapter 10

Not a day passes that I do not acknowledge the influence of the 1010 in my life.  Be it the mere ten minutes after ten on the clock or passing the street address of 1010 I am reminded of the great love and legacy of the intimate bonding and music that all stemmed from the 1010 Balloon Activities Group. 

For what it’s worth, 1010 is significant to us beyond the obvious in some fun and obscure ways. 

John Lennon was born on October 9, one day prior to 10/10. 

The early Beatle blues song "One after 9 0 9” released on their "Let it Be" Album in my sentimental mind, 1010 is logically the "one after 9 0 9". 

Chicago's Oldies Station 104.3 plays Beatle Music daily in the morning at.... you guessed it.  10:10 AM. 

The "digital age" with CD's and internet, is possible because all computer data is composed of “1’s” and “0”s.  I don't think it's any coincidence in my life that all music is now exists in a pattern of 1s and 0s.

When I was first introduced to Art of Barter it was owned by Circle Fine Art Corp.  Art of Barter's internal accounting code was… you guessed it, 1010.

After my divorce, child support payments were paid through the Secretary of the State of Illinois to my account number… 98CS1010.

Singer song writer, Laura Nyro hugely influenced us... her birthday... you guessed it!  10/10.

When my first  born son, Justin met his girlfriend, Kerry, her street address was...  1010! 

Scot's sister, Annie recently sent me a photo of their grandfather's coal wagon.  Phone number displayed is...  "Oakland Ten Ten".  Click the thumbnail to view larger image. 

My life verse from the bible is, of course, “John 10:10” where Jesus Himself says “I have come that you might have life and have that life in greater abundance”.   The story behind my discovery of that verse is the next chapter soon to come.

This story would not be complete without giving credit to Michelle Parenti who was perhaps our biggest fan.  Michelle was one of the ultimate groupies of all time.  She derived great pleasure from her frequent telephone calls to Chicagoland musicians.  Wherever you are today Michelle, your adoration meant a lot to us.  

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