"For in him we live, and move, and have our being..."  Acts 17:27



Popular Science Magazine September 2004
A reader inquires: Do white holes really exist? Have astronomers seen one?  No, scientists have never observed one, but many still believe that white holes—the polar opposite of black holes—do exist. In fact, two mathematicians, Blake Temple of the University of California, Davis, and Joel Smoller of the University of Michigan, think the universe might have emerged from a white hole.  Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity says that if mass is squeezed into a small enough volume, the gravitational attraction will become so great that no light or matter will be able to escape, resulting in a black hole. The trick here is that Einstein's equations don't care which way time flows. So if you flip time's arrow around, a black hole becomes its opposite: a point at which matter and light flood only outward. "For a black hole, everything goes in, and nothing comes out," Smoller says.  "For a white hole, everything comes out, and nothing goes in."


Smoller and Temple propose that all the matter in the universe was initially confined within a white hole in a preexisting space. A shock wave explosion within the white hole expanded outward, spitting out our universe. Their model describes a finite universe, which is contrary to the accepted theory, and it has also attracted some unexpected attention.  Creation scientists have been known to claim similar ideas, but Smoller dismisses them as nonsense. For one, he points out, those theories don't use any mathematics! The whole reason white holes should exist, he says, is that Einstein's equations say so: "It's just a fact from the mathematics.  They're just there."—GREGORY MONE









Activities Within The Balloon
When I first began to ponder deep thoughts about life such as my own being, the universe, infinity, God, light, darkness, et all, I was in awe that life could even possibly exist. 

Finding it much more convenient to deny the existence of life than try to understand and explain it, I concluded that life itself was impossible and therefore could not exist.  Obvious evidence to the contrary confounded me. 

Life does exist and does so in wonderful inexplicable bounty. 

Huge mysteries confront us.  Logical thinking cannot conceive the immensity of the universe nor how and why it is that life exists. 

Logic could attempt to argue that nothing exists and this is all illusion.  If illusion, than I must exist in order to perceive the illusion.  Hmmm...  For sake of argument, if it were logical to conclude that “nothing” does actually exist, it is therefore also easily argued that the “opposite” of “nothing” could also exist. 

If correct in assuming that an opposite of absolute “nothing” could exist, then the logical opposite of absolute “nothing” would have to be absolutely “everything” and it would therefore be perfect.   

Bingo! For the moment, this argument satisfied the logic my mind required so as to comprehend the existence of life and infinity. 

"Once Again" Al Penney 1971

Observations and conclusions re: Light and Dark
The Bible says “God is light and in Him there is no darkness.”  Huh?  What about night?  What about evil?  What about Satan?  Doesn’t sound like pure light to me.  How did THAT happen?  If God indeed is all light then where did darkness come from?  How can light and darkness coexist?

Deep at the core of its ultimate source, light is 100% pure.  Imagine a balloon shaped ball of light.  For the sake of my example, let us assume each square millimeter of the balloon is composed of one million balloon molecules.

Inflate the balloon so that it expands uniformly one zillion times its original size.  One square millimeter composed of the million balloon molecules is now enlarged one zillion times.  Enlarged to such enormous degree, each balloon molecule is now apparently a separate molecule suspended as it were in space. 

Closer examination reveals individual atoms, even the electrons, neutrons, protons, and subatomic particles that comprise each atom of the balloon molecules.  Your friendly neighborhood nuclear physicist will tell you that there is more space within an atom than there is substance.

Now imagine that my balloon shaped ball of light is God’s pure light.  When deflated, it appears to be solid pure light, no space, no darkness. 

Expand it to fill an infinite universe.  As it expands to fill space, distance increases between each individual component illuminating “molecule” yielding a multitude of individual sources of light.

Each now gigantic molecule is seen to be a dense cluster of proportionately huge atoms.  Consider each molecule to be a universe, each atom a galaxy, and each atomic particle a star.  All blazing light sources suspended in space.

Back to earth now… 
Light a candle in a totally dark room.  I know about dark rooms.  As a photographer developing film, the room had to be completely totally dark because even the tiniest pinhole emitting light would fog the film.  Remember film camera back in the day could make photographs in one thousandth of a second. 

How much of the room is illuminated when the candle is lit? 

Even the small candle flame will illuminate an entire room.  Though to the human eye, it isn’t very bright, light radiates from the candle flame at 186,000 miles per second in all directions perfectly filling the entire room. 

Light dispels darkness. 

The potential of darkness was always present.  When light is condensed to the size of the original balloon shaped ball, darkness is not apparent. 

Space looks dark but it is actually filled with light. You have seen photographs of the space shuttle orbiting earth.  Though floating in dark space it is illuminated by the light of our sun and other stars either directly or by the light reflected off the earth or moon. 

The moon appears bright in the night sky yet it generates no light of its own.  It is illuminated by light from the sun.  Photographers know that to photograph of the moon, the correct exposure is the same as if photographing a subject on earth illuminated by the sun in broad daylight at high noon.  The moon is illuminated by our sun just as is the earth. 

Thus light permeates a dark universe.  It is visible only when reflected off another surface or when observing the actual light source.

Why did the original source of all light expand to the point of disintegrating into infinite space?

Within the vacuum of a light bulb a small filament glows when electricity flows through it creating heat and it becomes incandescent.  Imagine a single light bulb with many individual filaments.  Each filament contributes equally to the total light emanating from the bulb.   

Were one of the filaments disconnected from the electricity powering the bulb, that filament would no longer produce light.  Rather than being a source of light it would instead now cast a shadow where once light had emanated.

Deep in the beginning, before time began, at the core of pure light in God’s heaven, Lucifer was an illuminating angel.  Lucifer chose to turn his back on God enviously seeking his own throne in the universe so as to be like the Most High God.  The very instant Lucifer turned, he was simultaneously repelled from God’s immediate presence and the power to the filament that once was Lucifer was cut off.  . 

Prior to the Lucifer rebellion, light is perfectly seamlessly integrated throughout space. The single act of Lucifer’s rebellion cast a shadow of darkness throughout God’s universe of light.  That was the first of the three great "falls" of cosmic significance.

Fully aware of events necessary to restore the breach of heaven and possible contamination of His entire cosmos, God permitted his creation to inhabit three dimensions within infinity, confined by a defined beginning and a determined end called time.  He allowed His expression of life to manifest in a realm to which it had never before been restricted.

God’s infinite universe is, for a defined period of time, concentrated to three dimensions of dense matter.  Here on earth, Lucifer's activities were confined so as to not infect the higher heavenly dimensions from which he fell. 

It is on earth that Lucifer, now called Satan, will be exposed as the Prince of Darkness and enemy of God, and where he will be tried in the court of ultimate justice by the one true living God with a jury of those made in His image and likeness. 

By allowing the expansion of His pure light universe into three dimensions, God was able to maintain His limitless expression while simultaneously protecting heaven against the shadow of darkness cast by the rebellion of Lucifer.

Once free to extend form limitlessly, life fell to the boundary of three dimensional space and time. The myriad life of God’s infinite expression became limited to material form on earth in 3 dimensions subject to the passage of time. 

In order for time to pass there must be a beginning and an end. 

This began the cycle of life and death, beginning and end.  All die and return to basic matter from which life springs anew over and over. The cycle of life to death, returning once animated form to fertile soil supporting new life speaks to the world of God’s eternal life.  Nothing can stop God’s expression of life. 

Myriad thought forms of the miniscule elements of God’s infinite expression became manifest in dense matter.  Amoebic entities strive against finite material obstacles whereas they once lived freely in eternal expression. 

Bacteria, insects, sea creatures, all animals, and man, express God’s unlimited infinitely complex diversity. 

“While Weeping Atlas Cedars, they just want to grow, grow and grow…”
George Harrison

Plant life with pollen and seed though confined by physical cloak, live, showing forth God’s unlimited bounty despite their dense new world. 

Flowers stretch forth to bask in sun light.  Dancing leaves sway in unison straining to follow the sun’s daily arc.   Chlorophyll flows slowly through branch and stem.  Carbon Dioxide, toxic to man nourishes the plant kingdom.  In return they give Oxygen to fill the atmosphere.  Death yields life.  All evidence of God’s providence.

The life giving veil of earth’s atmosphere has it’s origin in the very ethers of God’s heavenly kingdom where it is not limited to one planet in a dark, lonely, and inhospitable universe.  One can only speculate about the heavenly origin of such life forms.  To what intricate miniscule detail do the thoughts of God extend? 

In the Garden of Eden, God gave the skins of animals to be Adam’s helper covering his sin later to accept the blood of bulls and goats as temporary evidence of the sacrificial death His Son would one day gracously bestow upon mankind. 

God created all life for His man to enjoy.  The very existence of life is the manifestation of God’s grace and love.  All life in this world owes it’s origin to heavenly roots buried deep in the infinite past intended to bring life to God’s man in the dense suffering world as time past allowing man to procreate and populate the earth.  This to ultimately bring into heaven that many more souls than the fallen angels lost when Lucifer deceived fully one third of the heavenly host. 

God’s great love held back His ultimate judgment of sin until the fullness of time when this episode of His great drama will close forever and we are lifted out of the bounds of dense mortal flesh destined to be raised to our heavenly estate. 

God was thus also able to show forth His great mercy to mankind and all life by sustaining His life creation beyond the safety and protection of it’s heavenly origin. 

It was through this first fall that God demonstrated His mercy to all the possible universe for all time and eternity.  His free expression not limited by time nor space, as He chooses to manifest His creation, space infinitely expanded to accommodate whatever was necessary.  There is no boundary to His infinite expression. 

In God’s expression prior to Lucifer’s rebellion, heaven was intact, perfect, without limitation.  Expelling Lucifer into the previously uninhabited outer darkness was the first cause of a cascading series of falls that would echo throughout eternity.  First the rebellion in heaven, then in the Garden of Eden, then the great flood.

The long shadow of darkness cast by the breach of heaven is evident by night when there formerly was eternal day, the sleep that befell Adam when God separated the one making two male and female, Paul’s blindness on the road to Damascus when he beheld Jesus and was given the revelation of God’s grace, and ultimately by the time Jesus suffered and died on the cross to fulfill the requirement of justice as propitiation for the sin of God’s man.

The fall of Lucifer opened up the “basement” of the universe. 

God’s perfection is 100% pure light.  The slightest darkness would contaminate heaven.  When Lucifer turned, he was simultaneously expelled from God’s immediate presence by his own action thus opening up a dimension of existence never before inhabited. 

In God’s creation on earth exist things not originally intended to be seen.  Here man travels to the moon and planets in spaceships to find only rocks devoid of life.  Man gazes at the wondrous heavens and sees only “bare bones… the beams and rafters”, the most base expression of God’s heaven. 

When you see the inward parts of the human body there is a natural repulsion.  There is intrinsic beauty in the perfection of the function of the inward body parts to be sure.  But it was not meant to be seen.  The human body is beautifully veiled by the flesh.  It is sealed to the eye.  When cut open by necessity or accident and the inward parts revealed, it is abhorrent to the eye and usually associated with death.

So too with the universe.  What we are able to behold with the eye and physical senses is limited to what may be seen.  We find outside the earth cold inhospitable gaseous worlds of molten and solid rock and atmospheres poisonous to life.  Nothing like the life giving organic interdependent ecosystem environment of the world we call earth perfectly situated in orbit around the star we call sun.

Life giving waters also bring about death and destruction.

“Blue are the life giving waters taken for granted.   They quietly understand”.
Jimi Hendrix

When first distilled to three dimensions of dense matter, the “great waters of the deep” were contained below earth’s surface and in much greater measure than found today in the upper atmosphere.  The water necessary to sustain life in the first fallen world came from within the earth.  As in all seeds, the life is contained within.  So to with the original earth.

Life on earth before the great flood differed from what man knows today.  Today's mountains had not yet formed.  Huge, lush gardens of unimaginable proportion covered the planet.  The world then was frothing with life forms great and small in enormous population.  Monstrous reptiles thrived multiple century life spans.  Generous vegetative provision was easily available to all.  There was no lack. 

Mankind was empowered to rule this antediluvian world and commanded to be fruitful and multiply.  Yet a far cry from the heavenly estate from which this world was modeled, man and beast lived a life of incomparable ease without the near threat of death the world of today imposes. 

Vast fossil remains of pre-flood life as evidence speak of a world so densely populated by life it defies comparison to this world.  Immense fossil beds unearthed are but a chance glimpse into the world that once existed here.  Surely beneath the mountains, soil, and seas of today’s world remain the vast majority of fossil evidence of the great thriving world that preceded us. 

Once innocent and free, Adam and Eve lived a life unimaginable to us.  They lived without labor as their needs were met instantly and abundantly by the thriving natural surrounds of the pristine garden.  Fruits and vegetables were continuously and abundantly available perhaps without seasonal interruption. 

Death was unknown.  Life and time was an endless continuum without care or concern.  Lovemaking was as commonplace as breathing.  If Adam and Eve had knowledge of life prior to the three dimension earth experience we do not know.  What we do know is that the federal head of the human race succumbed to Satan’s temptation allowing death through sin to enter the world.  That was the second "fall".

Originally, life on earth was intended to exist in perpetuity as it does in God’s eternal Spirit.  Gradually, life on earth became subject to the curse of the dark shadow cast by Lucifer’s rebellion.  Adam and Eve, created immortal, succumbed to the effect of sin ultimately dying before reaching the age of 1,000 years. 

Children were born to them now in the travail of a laborious and painful birth.  The garden that once freely yielded its plentiful bounty now required cultivation by man’s labor.  Adam and Eve’s transgression separated them (and subsequently their progeny) from the immediate and intimate fellowship with their creator they had formerly enjoyed daily. 

God sought Adam in the Garden and Adam hid from Him being now conscious of sin.  Once “bone of my bone flesh of my flesh” and the first married couple subject to problems when Adam blamed "the woman".  Their children fought with each other and the first murder occurred. 

Satan gloated having despoiled God’s plan.  Now god of this world, Satan brought only insatiable desire, death, and destruction.  Despite God’s master plan, mankind would suffer the lordship of Satan through thousands of years of deception. 

Gradually, the original, natural creation declined as now sinful mankind multiplied.  Generations populated the earth and sin grew rampantly to the disappointment of our Creator.  The once perfect Garden became infested with self conscious, egocentric humans seeking their own misguided wills. 

Were man left unchecked without judgment and consequence, God’s righteousness would be called into question.  God chose to reveal His wrath upon sin by destroying the evil that so obviously opposed His will. 

Our merciful God sought out a righteous man in Noah to warn of His impending doom.  Noah was instructed to build the ark which would protect his family and select animals, so that life would endure the wrath intended to destroy sinful mankind.

The world then had never experienced rain from the sky.  Great waters of the deep were held in an enormous aquifer below the mantel of the earth’s crust.  The entire ecosystem, physical structure of the earth’s surface would be transformed in the most cataclysmic change the earth had endured.

Noah and his sons labored possibly over one hundred years building the largest manmade structure ever made in those times.  Driven by irresistible spiritual force, Noah and his sons built an immense boat the likes of which had never before been imagined by the mind of man.  Huge timbers were laid in place according to divine plan.  It was in imposing sight 20 stories tall and 500 feet long. 

Once completed and populated by male and female of required phylum species, after Noah and his family entered, the ark was closed and ready to protect its precious cargo.  Soon the earth would erupt with a historic cataclysm the likes of which had never been experienced.  Not since the first days of creation had the earth undergone such physical change. 

The great waters of the deep held under pressure by the seamless mantle of the earth’s crust burst forth through an ever widening crack that would encircle the globe.  Massive earthquakes gave way to the force of life giving waters held deep below.  The rupture of the earth’s surface brought forth huge fountains of pressurized waters shooting miles into the sky. 

The immense fountains of the deep unleashed from unimaginable pressure deep within the planet shot forth through an enormous breach of the earth’s crust.  Months of cataclysmic upheaval befell the formerly peaceful planet until the ruptured seam of destruction closed upon itself leaving huge oceanic mountains and trenches in its wake.  

Once peaceful waters of the deep became huge fountains shooting heavenward perhaps beyond the grip of gravity.  Pieces of the earth’s crust may even have been carried into space some to later return to earth as meteorites.  Known today known as comets, huge amounts of water coalesced as frozen masses of ice orbiting wildly around the sun. 

For the first time in creation, water poured from the skies flooding the entire surface of earth.   As the water receded the across the planet, great crevice, canyons, and oceans were formed.  The intense rupture of the earth’s crust left enormous ocean trenches, ridges, mountains, and new continents in its wake. 

The resulting first rainbow was God’s sign to man that He would never flood the earth again.

The worldwide flood of Noah’s day was the third great "fall". The very waters intended to give life, now brought death to mankind save Noah and his family.  The intolerable willful sin of mankind precipitated righteous judgment from God. 

It is on earth in three dimensions that God chose to confine Lucifer now called Satan.  For here is where the defining trial, conviction, and sentence of Lucifer will be held to forever establish the righteous integrity of God’s Word in the court of justice for all time and eternity with mankind and all creation as witnesses.

Darkness will be found guilty and sentenced to eternal confinement in the “basement” of rocks and bones and from where mankind will one day be lifted “upstairs” to inhabit the heavens and forever live freely in the presence of God’s perfect light.

Though veiled by dense matter for a season, God’s man and His creation exist and bespeak of His majesty.  As sea creatures are suited for life in the pressure of deep waters, man and creation live confined to three dimensions. 

Praise to His glory yet pours forth from the innocent of creation awaiting the day when the sons of God will be revealed.  God, the creator of all life came to the dense world in physical form embodied as Christ Jesus miraculously born of a virgin.  He lived among His man, offering Himself as the perfect sacrifice to satisfy perfection’s required punishment for sin so that sinful man could be purified by His death and live eternally with God in heaven. 

The greatest joy in heaven is the praise of it’s creator, the source of all light, love, freedom, and power.  Praise of our benevolent God, creator of life is the ultimate expression of faith.  All creation praises Him.  Were we to not join in the chorus of praise, the very rocks would cry out.  

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