In the early 1960’s, spiritual matters to me seemed clearly the domain of the church.  As was the case with most young people then, the church held little appeal to the brooding dissatisfaction of our generation.

Though my mother was raised in a Christian congregational church going family, my father wasn’t.  At the urging of our mother, my sisters and I did attend the local congregational church Sunday school several times when we were little.  I accepted the bible teaching with curiosity though it would be decades later that I began a serious investigative study of the bible.

Rather, my interest in understanding things unseen and mysterious at the time was directed more by science, science fiction, and fascination with the supernatural than by things biblical.

 Fueled by the desire for answers to questions about destiny and the origin of life as were millions of others at the time, the UFO phenomenon much in the news in my early teenage years was the direction I sought hugely fascinated by the possibility that beings more technologically advanced than earthlings existed in the universe and were visiting us.

While spending the night with friends, we’d commonly stay up late telling ghost stories and several times even consult the wee gee board.  In our little minds we were having or wanting to have supernatural experiences.

UFO’s and wee gee boards were all we knew of the spiritual world in those days of naiveté.  Later we would encounter, and many of us embrace astrology, positive thinking, philosophy, and  various non-Christian religions.

Disparate occult practices and religions back then were seemingly unrelated.  Astrology bore no relationship to UFO’s, positive thinking to wee gee boards, etc.  People dedicated to those camps were generally considered kooks.

When I started Moss Hill Natural Foods, I was surprised by the support of people from assorted and apparently widely differing religions and beliefs.  We had customers who were members of the Charismatic Catholic Church, Scientology, UFO followers, Buddhists, Witches, Astrologers, and many others.

Though I was a Christian, my beliefs were not yet solidly founded on bible knowledge.  I was fascinated by an apparent common and growing connection my customers shared.  In my mind I sought a common thread of understanding so as to embrace all of our customers as friends.

At weekly Moss Hill pot luck dinners, groups of people representing all manner of beliefs would “break bread” together sharing the common desire for natural foods.  It was marvelous to entertain such a colorful and diverse group of people enjoying fellowship around the dinner table.  This was in the early 1970’s.

The shadow of what would come to be known as “the new age movement” was cast upon us.  Soon, the doctrines of countless occult and atheist, humanistic religions would become amalgamated.  As the coalescence of dispersed droplets of mercury, the gathering together of virtually all of the non Christian religions under one banner was one of the most consequential events of our time in history.

Unified as it were, a humanistic religion aligned in opposition to Christ and the bible, the "new age" "dawned" upon an unsuspecting generation as an arbiter of light.  Once considered kooks, self righteous religious leaders proudly proclaimed strange doctrines to a depraved world of people with shallow beliefs and ears eager to hear. 

Battle lines were drawn.  Ennobled by the ignorance of the masses, embodied in celebrities, popular media, academia, and later the liberal left became the pulpit for the “new age movement”.

“Little Visits with God”
Periodically throughout my life I’ve had “little visits with God”. These occasions were not something I consciously sought.  Rather it was as if God deliberately "invaded" my thoughts overcoming my consciousness by His “presence”.  Inexplicable clarity, profound wisdom, and loving compassion, deeply stirred within me.

These “visitations” commonly occur while I listen to music.  This has been happening to me several times a year since accepting Jesus as Lord in 1971.  Before my conversion experience, I did have a few notable “visions” the details of which I will share with you later

The point of this article is to explain the time differential involved and how I “extracted” the “information” after the fact over time. God “lives” in a realm not limited by the passage of time as we know time. God is “The beginning and the end” The Alpha and Omega. He is eternal existing from the infinite past to the infinite future. He always was and always will be.

When God visits, His awesome presence causes me to tremble. His love and merciful compassion stirs me so deeply that my initial response is uncontrollable tears that continue throughout the experience.  I do not hear words but rather I “see” what He conveys in my mind’s eye.  Each of these experiences is unique having its own “flavor” and specific message.  It is as if I am accelerated toward His destiny for my life.

Each visitation imparts a tremendous amount of “information”. Though I clearly understand what God is “saying” at the moment, months and years of “processing” were required before I could articulate what I experienced.  The processing time has been reduced as I've grow and matured in Him.

Though such visitations began with regularity in 1971, it would be ten years later that I began to understand how to better “interpret” what was happening to me.  Early in my church experience I watched a live television broadcast of preacher. At the conclusion of the preaching the live audience was invited to purchase audio tapes of the message they had just heard.  I wondered how it was possible to provide tapes of a two hour message immediately thereafter.  I didn’t know then that tape duplication is done at high speed,  not in “real time”.

The original two hour tape is played back and recorded by multiple “slave” recorders at high speed in minutes and when played back at “normal” speed the original two hour message is heard thus condensing two hours into mere minutes.  It’s much the same when God visits me and conveys great truth in a matter of seconds or minutes at His “high speed” and I later “play back” the message at “normal” speed over a period of months and years to acquire and process what He was telling me.

The bible tells us that one day for God is like a thousand years for man. I would receive great revelation from God in an instant and then for the rest of my life attempt to “play back” the knowledge in “real time” to fully absorb and ultimately be able to articulate it so as to share it with others.

Think of Saul of Tarsus as he rode on his way to Damascus and was blinded for a week by the vision of Jesus.  It was in those brief moments that God gave Paul the revelation of Christ that ultimately would constitute most of the New Testament!  Not that in any way I compare myself to the apostle Paul, but it’s the same God of truth endeavoring to intimately fellowship with us all.

It is my heartfelt prayer that you will glean truth about God to help you to know Him personally and receive His gift of grace, mercy, and love and find or encourage your salvation in Jesus so that you will enjoy soul peace and victory in life, become a beacon of light in a dark world, and help defeat the strangle hold of Satan’s angels of light over the lost.

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