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Interesting facts you may not know about the 1010 people and our ever widening circle of friends and family.

According to John Wallerich: Hunter S. Thompson documented the 1010 Balloon Activities Group live performance on the Playboy Yacht at the Venetian Night Parade on Chicago's lakefront in 1969 in one of his books.  

Janna Cosby:
In 1980 Janna was courted by Warner Amex to host a new cable show called MTV.  While visiting NY after college Janna became friends with a local TV show host...  David Letterman!  Janna's father and my friend, Prentis Cosby, played drums with Glen Miller's band! 

Linda Dunn
In the late 1980's Linda worked at a London dress shop and became good friends with Princess Diana who frequently shopped there.  Linda also flew to Isle of Sky with Paul McCartney and a dozen or so friends where they all partied and swam with sharks.  She said Paul was just like a regular guy having fun with them all.  Linda grew up a few blocks from Apple Studios.

Russ Fields:
In 1970 while visiting Rome, late at night Russ snuck into "The Coliseum" and walked atop the narrow stone walls in the arena as rats rushed around the ground beneath. 

Joan Gavelek:
Became a Chicago Playboy Bunny in 1973 while developing her modeling and sales career. During her tenure with the Chicago Club, she became Playboy's Promotional Bunny, attending advertising functions in the City and flying on the Playboy jet to out of state events representing the company.  As a model Joan worked for Evans Furrier doing local television commercials, Sears Robuck catalog as well as numerous modeling and tradeshow events for many companies.

Cameron Hora:
Was hugged and kissed by George Harrison's sister Louise after spending two hours with her in 2003.

John Hora:
1. In 1969 jammed with then unknown guitarist "Steve Miller".
2. In 1997 was nominated by "Today's Chicago Woman" magazine as "one of Chicago's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors".  Go figure. 

Justin Hora:
In 1990 had dinner with director John Hughes ("Home Alone", "Planes Trains & Automobiles", etc.)

Martha Jacobs:
Played cello for Page and Plant on the South East leg of their 1995 USA tour.

Joe Kelley:
One of the original members of the legendary "Shadows of Knight" singing and playing guitar on the hit record "Gloria" in 1965 and all Shadows of Knight albums.

Michael Meissner:
Met Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues in on a chance encounter in Cleveland in 1980 and  stayed up talking almost all night.

Matt Morrison:
1. In 1982 performed twice on "Star Search" with his band, "The Press".  They won the first round!  The Press also opened for Cindy Lauper and Peter Frampton and received lots of airplay in Atlanta.
2. Was one of Herman's Hermit's when they played in Atlanta one night in 1985.
3. Played "Jackson" in the off-Broadway musical, Pump Boys and Dinettes, in the late 80's in Traverse City, MI.  After the shows, Matt partied with Joanne Worley (Laugh In) and Marcia Wallace (Bob Newhart Show).

George "Oz" Ostrum:
1.  Played Guitar with Steve Allen
2.  As guitarist for Virginia Clemens, opened for Leon Russell at the Rivera Theater in 1978
3. Every Chicago Blues musician I've ever met, knows "Oz". 

Linda Paskvan:
While visiting Liverpool for 10 weeks in 1968, Linda ran all over town with Neil Aspinall (Friend of the Beatles and now President of Apple Records) who was dating her cousin.  At Neil's home, the phone rang and Neil asked Linda to answer the call.  Voice asked for Neil.  Linda asked who was calling.  Voice said "This is Ringo."  Linda's comment:  "EEK!"  Linda also dated Terry Sylvester of the "Swingin' Blue Jeans" who later replaced Graham Nash in the "Hollies" when Graham left to join "Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young".  And...  walking down the street physically collided with...  George Harrison!  Linda was at Woodstock!  She was also personal friends with John Belushi and held his hand during the media debut of "The Blues Brothers" movie. 

Al Penny:
While attending College of DuPage, Al entered a talent contest and won over John Belushi simply by being silent and looking like John Lennon!  Al also represented us all attended the Memorial Concert for George Harrison at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
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Chris Rhodes:
1.  Played guitar on Bonnie Raitt's debut LP on Warner Bros.
2.  Since 2001 has performed for sold out crowds in Costa Rica and Bora Bora, French Polynesia. 

Bill Shaw:
In the mid 1970's, Bill met with Lou Adler in Hollywood.  He played the three tracks posted in the Bill Shaw section of "Listen to the Music" for Mr. Adler.  First track was ok.  Second track was ok.  Third track featuring Russ Fields singing...  Mr. Adler said "Now this I can work with.  Work more on it and get back to me."  Bill quickly tired of the Hollywood scene and never got back to Lou Adler. 

Scot Robinson:
1.  Set up the stage equipment for Jimi Hendrix at Atlanta Pop Festival.
2.  While working on a remodeling project, Scot climbed through a window to be greeted by Michael Douglas eating a bowl of cereal wearing only boxer shorts saying "Who the hell are you!"
3.  Built custom furniture for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Lionel Ritchie, Hans Zimmer, Mary Hart (E.T.), Steven Cannell (Writer, TV. producer and all around Genius), The Mirage hotel, The Taj Mahal (New Jersey)
4. Played guitar and sang with Donovan live on the air at WSDM in 1967.

Bill Wallin:
While visiting our mutual friend, Caleb Church in the Church family home on South Garfield Street in Hinsdale one day in 1967, Caleb's father invited Bill to meet a special guest in their home that day.  Bill walked in to the living room to be introduced to Dr. Martin Luther King.