Words of Love...

Who knows how long I've loved you?  You know I love you still.

You don't realize how much I need you.  Love you all the time and never leave you. Please come on back to me I'm lonely as can be, I need you.

Then we will remember things we said today...

I love you so, oh I'm the one who wants you, yes I'm the one who wants you.

Please remember how I feel about you I could never really live without you.  So come on back and see just what you mean to me.  I need you!

And though we may be blind, Love is here to stay and that's enough.

If you let me take your heart I will prove to you we will never be apart if I'm part of you.  Open up your eyes now, tell me what you see.  It is no surprise now, what you see is me!

Big and black the clouds may be, time will pass away.  If you put your trust in me I'll make bright your day.  Look into these eyes now, tell me what you see.  Don't you realize now, what you see is me?

You'll never know how much I really love you.  You'll never know how much I really care.

When I call you up, Your line's engaged.  I have had enough so act your age.  We have lost the time that was so hard to find.  And I will lose my mind if you won't see me.

I don't know why you should want to hide.  But I can't get through my hands are tied.  I won't want to stay, I don't have much to say.  But I can't turn away, and you won't see me.  Time after time you refuse to even listen.  I wouldn't mind If I knew what I was missing. Though the days are few, they're filled with tears.  And since I lost you it feels like years.  Yes, it seems so long girl, since you've been gone.  And I just can't go on if you won't see me.  Time after time you refuse to even listen.  I wouldn't mind if I knew what  I was missing.  Though the days are few, they're filled with tears and since I lost you, It feels like years.  Yes, it seems so long, girl, since you've been gone.  And I just can't go on if you won't see me.

But I hate to leave you.  You know I hate to leave...

There was love all around.  But I never heard it singing.  No I never heard it at all.  Till there was you

So I'm telling you, my friend That I'll get you I'll get you in the end Yes, I will, I'll get you in the end.

You know, if you break my heart I'll go but I'll be back again 'cause I told you once before goodbye.   But I came back again.

Sounds of laughter shades of life are ringing through my open ears inciting and inviting me.  Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns it calls me on and on across the universe

All my loving, I will send to you.  All my loving, darling I'll be true.  All my loving, All my loving Woo, all my loving, I will send to you

It's not like me to pretend.  But I'll get you I'll get you in the end.  Yes, I will, I'll get you in the end Oh yeah, oh yeah.

And had you gone, you knew in time we'd meet again for I had told you Ooo, you were meant to be near me Ooo, and I want you to hear me say we'll be together every day.  Got to get you into my life.

Now that I know what I feel must be right I'm here to show everybody the light.  Give the word a chance to say that the word is just the way.  It's the word I'm thinking of.  And the only word is love.  It's so fine, it's sunshine.  It's the word love.

Sunrise doesn't last all morning, a cloudburst doesn't last all day.  Seems my love is up and has left you with no warning.  But it's not always going to be this grey.  Sunset doesn't last all evening, a mind can blow those clouds away.  After all this my love is up and must be leaving.  It has not always been this grey.  Now the darkness only stays at nighttime.  In the morning it will fade away.  Daylight is good at arriving at the right time.  It's not always going to be this grey.  

Whatever happened to the life that we once knew?  Always made me feel so free...

And my friends have lost their way We'll be over soon they said.  Now they've lost themselves instead.  Please don't be long.  Please don't you be very long.  Please don't be long.

I'm shouting all about love.  While they treated you like a dog.  When you were the one who had made it so clear all those years ago.  I'm talking all about how to give.  They don't act with much honesty.  But you point the way to the truth when you say "All you need is love".  Living with good and bad I always look up to you.  Now we're left cold and sad by someone the devil's best friend.  Someone who offended all.  We're living in a bad dream.  They've forgotten all about mankind.  And you were the one they backed up to the wall.  All those years ago, you were the one who Imagined it all.  All those years ago.  Deep in the darkest night I send out a prayer to you.  Now in the world of light where the spirit free of the lies and all else that we despised.  They've forgotten all about God.  He's the only reason we exist. Yet YOU were the one that they said was so weird.  All those years ago.  You said it all though not many had ears.  All those years ago. You had control of our smiles and our tears.  All those years ago...

When your prized possessions start to weigh you down, look in my direction I'll be round, I'll be round.

You'll never know it hurt me so
How I hate to see you go. Don't pass me by.  Don't make me cry.

That boy took my love away.  He'll regret it someday.  But this boy wants you back again.  That boy isn't good for you.  Though he may want you too.  This boy wants you back again.  Oh, and this boy would be happy just to love you, but oh my-hi-hi-hi.  That boy won't be happy till he's seen you cry-hi-hi-hi.  This boy wouldn't mind the pain.  Would always feel the same if this boy gets you back again.

Hold me darlin' come on listen to me.  I won't do you no harm.  Trust me darlin' come on listen to me, come on listen to me
Come on listen, listen

Well, there's gonna be a time
When I'm gonna change your mind So you might as well resign yourself to me.

How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?  Now that you know who you are.

Don't you be sad, just call me tonight Any time at all, all you've gotta do is call And I'll be there.

If you need somebody to love
Just look into my eyes.  I'll be there to make you feel right.

All you need is love, love Love is all you need.

I love you, I love you, I love you that's all I want to say.   Until I find a way I will say the only words I know you'll understand.

Little darling I feel that ice is slowly melting.  Little darling  it seems like years since it's been clear.  Here comes the sun, do do do do.  Here comes the sun, and I say It's all right.

Closer, let me whisper in your ear.  Say the words you long to hear... I'm in love with you, oo, oo...

All these places had their moments.  With lovers and friends I still can recall.  Some are dead and some are living.  In my life I've loved them all.

Get back, get back Get back to where you once belonged Get back, get back!

Little darling It's been a long cold lonely winter...

I've got to admit it's getting better a little better all the time.  Yes, admit it's getting better it's getting better since you've been mine.  Getting so much better all the time.

If there's anything that you want, if there's anything I can do, just call on me and I'll send it along with love, from me to you.

It look a long long long time.  Now I'm so happy I found you.  How I love you!

It's all too much!  When I look into your eyes, Your love is there for me.  And the more I go inside, the more there is to see.  It's all too much for me to take, the love that's shining all around you.  Everywhere it's what you make for us to take, it's all too much!

Since you left me, I'm so alone.  Now you're coming, you're coming on home.  I'll be good like I know I should.  You're coming home, you're coming home

When I was younger, so much younger than today I never needed anybody's help in any way.  But now these days are gone I'm not so self assured.  Now I find I've changed my mind I've opened up the doors.

A life time is so short.  A new one can't be bought.  But what you've got means such a lot to me.   Make love all day long.  Make love singing songs. 

Someday they'll see that from the start my place has been deep in your heart.  And in your heart I see the love of the loved.

You don't need no passport.  And you don't need no visas.  You don't need to designate or to emigrate before you can see Jesus.  If you open up your heart, you'll see he's right there!  He always was and will be.  He'll relieve you of your cares.

Why are you still crying?  Your pain is now through.  Please forget those teardrops.  Let me take them from you.  The love you are blessed with, this world's waiting for.  So let out your heart, please, please from behind that locked door.  It's time we start smiling.  What else should we do?  With only this short time I'm gonna be here with you.  And the tales you have taught me from the things that you saw,  makes me want out your heart, please, please from behind that locked door.  And if ever my love goes If I'm rich or I'm poor, please let out my heart.  Please, please from behind that locked door, from behind that locked door.

“Get Back”: From Heaven to Liverpool and Back Again:
Born in the midst of WW II, four men entered the world bearing extraordinarily unique gifts.   There was a time and place where we knew them as intimately as we know our own selves.  That was then but this is now.  “Then” is what this story is all about. 

Long before the world began, love reigned and all were free in God’s heaven.  Earth had not yet been created...  the cascading falls of mankind had not yet occurred… life here was secure and for all we knew, forever undisturbed.  In God’s mind heaven always exists. 

The roots of our beginning stem from God’s pure light in that perfect place.  Life there is free… light and goodness abound.  Time is of no consequence for this place has no beginning nor end.    

There we live as light entities bathed in love.  Color, Sound, Fragrance, and Music are a seamless continuum vibrating within and throughout.  Warm light surround us as we swim and dance, darting in and out among one another’s sprits.  Mind knows nothing of future nor past.  Swimming in a pool of love, in God’s mind we exist as one homogeneous body in perfect harmony, celebrating the presence of one another to the glory of God. 

This was the womb of innocence from whence our spirit’s descended.  Life in this place is defined by freedom.  The dance is endless and the love without restriction.  Potential unlimited, pregnant within us, we effortlessly bear anticipation of its expression. 

Love and light reign here.  Music manifests filling all, vibrating freely throughout the fluid-like atmosphere, declaring God’s love, perfection, precision, and intent.  Harmony expresses God’s infinite diversity ringing throughout heaven.  In this realm, the atmosphere conveys musical expression far deeper and more precisely than do sound waves on earth.  Here the atmosphere flows not merely through lungs and against ear drums but throughout our very being. 

Herein we live timelessly in God’s loving presence thoroughly imbued with the vibration of music and light that endlessly display and assure us of His love, perfection in infinitely diverse expression. 

To us, life here was all there is… no apparent beginning nor ending.  Passage of time is of no consequence in this place. 

Something was going to change. 

None of us were yet aware of the future that stood in store. 

God, our Heavenly Father already knew what would occur and kept it secret from us until the appointed moment. 

Though for good purpose, it would break the very heart of the God in Whom we enjoy such rich love. 

We were called to assembly around the throne… a common experience we eagerly enjoyed as a regular occurrence.  This particular event was unique.  Eternal heavenly beings surround the throne of God.  We beheld them in awe as we normally do yet not without noticing a profound silence unique to this event. 

The Great assembly harkened the call, each of us attentive in unison standing silently.

God spoke…

We were told of a great rebellion… that 1/3 of the heavenly host would be swept away into a darkness.  We could not comprehend.

Instructions were given.  God’s plan was revealed.  We were to descend into another world and become subject to passage of time.  This we also could not comprehend.

God said we would be washed away from His glorious presence and descend into a dense realm devoid of the light and liberty we’d known as our only existence.  We were to be born as “individuals” on a tiny speck of world precisely placed in orbit around a small star.  This also we could not comprehend.

Having existed in heaven as one homogeneous body of light without beginning nor end, we had no understanding of what was about to happen. 

Knowing it was not possible for us to understand these things, we were told that others would precede us to provide knowledge and help.  Also that as born individuals, we would be imbued with gifts and purpose to help prepare the way for others following us. 

Separated as individuals, condensed into matter, and confined by time, memory of our heavenly origin would not survive.  The warning echoed throughout searing into our very nature…You won’t remember the place from where you came but I WILL COME FOR YOU!”. 

Separated from the one body of light from where we came, as dewdrops form on cool blades of morning grass, raindrops and snowflakes fall from clouds above, forming on bits of matter, we fell to earth becoming unique individuals. 

Entering the world born into mortal embodiment, confined to the cycle of life and death in 3 dimensions of physical limitation we became subject to the will of the flesh. 

We were told that our time on earth was temporary and that ultimately we would die.  Life on earth is inhospitable to the free life we knew in God’s heaven.  Death was a concept we could not understand. 

Ruled by appetite for survival, as egocentric beings stripped of memory, embodied in dense flesh, return to heaven was impossible were it not for God’s intervention.  Were we to experience death without being reconnected to our heavenly home, we would remain captive to the dense world.  This was a great mystery we could not understand.    

God’s plan provided a way to awaken us and overcome the confinements we would encounter on earth.  God made us free in the beginning and so also we were given free will on earth.  As beings descended from heaven, the “blueprint” of God’s plan was written into our very DNA. 

Powerful, assuring words echoed throughout proclaiming that God would come for us providing a way of escape enabling us to return to the heaven we so much enjoy.  

Keeping heaven pure and devoid of the possibility of another rebellion is God’s primary purpose.  Being the one and only perfect place, only those in harmony with God’s perfect will exist in heaven. 

In order to provide a perfect way to escape the powerful lusts of the flesh, death would free us from the confinement of earth and liberate us to the heaven from where we came. 

God Himself would intervene in miraculous ways at chosen times.  We were assured that He had a plan and that there was a way of escape but we could not know the details of His plan because they were kept secret.  This was a great mystery that we did not comprehend. 

We were told that this mystery would be the most challenged message to survive the fall and that we were to search out its meaning among the artifacts of those that preceded us. 

Among the heavenly host in the great assembly stood 4 light beings like us.  We knew and loved them as well as we knew all.  We watched as these 4 were anointed and imbued with gifts and purpose.  Unlike any other moment, silence and solidarity galvanized all as the 4 humbly drank glowing nectar from a golden goblet. 

Listen to the music!” repeated as a siren echoing throughout heaven.  We were told that the 4 uniquely anointed would bring forth familiar music in the dense world we would inhabit and that this music would cause us to awaken in remembrance.  We could not comprehend this. 

Unlike memory, music would survive the fall from heaven.  We were told that God’s will would be written on our hearts and that music in the dense world would cause our spirits to awaken.  By sympathetic vibration, music from heaven would enable our heart's to remember these heavenly instructions.  This also we could not comprehend.

A stream of many others passed before God’s throne to drink from cups imbued with purpose.   This also we could not comprehend. 

We had no understanding of the extent to which the fall would impair memory of our heavenly home.  Music on earth would “telegraph” familiar vibrations to us at the appointed time.  Though we could not understand this, we took comfort knowing that music would survive the fall. 

Each of us was imbued with unique purpose while confined to the world of time in dense matter.  Though all were sent, it was told that not all would survive.  Darkness in opposition would attempt to thwart the intent of the One who sent us.  We could not comprehend this. 

We were told that others preceding us into deeper darkness would leave clues for us to follow for greater understanding of our purpose in God’s grand scheme.  “Centuries” before us, they would write of God’s word corresponding to what was written on our hearts.  The artifacts they would leave, precisely document instruction to enable our minds to overcome the deception we would encounter there.  

We were told that Lucifer, the angelic minister of music surrounding the throne, turned against God when jealousy first occurred.  More swift than a lightning bolt, fully 1/3 of the angels instantly disappeared from God's presence.  The heart of God was wounded.  Though instantly healed, the scar would remain forever. 

Heaven had been breached yet God’s perfect light and love remained seamlessly intact.  Having foreknowledge of all events, God’s plan for restoration and redemption has always been present.  Little did we then realize the extent of the wound, nor of the sacrifice required to restore the violation. 

God knew that making us free would ultimately challenge His Lordship.  God’s power and omnipotence insures seamless justice and enforcement of righteousness.  The consequence of even the slightest opposition to God’s 100% pure light results in prohibition from His presence.

Freedom requires righteous response to unjust appropriation of light and liberty inconsistent with God’s perfect will. 

The very moment jealousy caused Lucifer to rebel, God’s plan of redemption came into effect virtually declaring the death of His Son in appropriation, manifesting the wound caused in heaven to be fulfilled and healed on earth in the dense world. 

Without notice, millions of light beings were dispatched falling into a darkness not previously inhabited.  As if flushed away from God’s presence, we fell into a swirling dark vortex to be born as individuals in dense matter on earth. 

A generation sent from the stars, yearning spirits gathered on earth thirsting for the life we once knew so well... minds devoid of memory… spirit’s laden with gifts, we were born into a heavy dark physical world on earth. 

Developing as children, we grew and became familiar with life in the dense world of matter.  As we matured, music found our ears, hearts began to awaken to the heavenly program written deeply within our souls.  Our sprit’s were stirred in this world by oddly familiar music.  Our minds stripped of memory due to the great density and darkness of the world we now inhabited, a generation began to awaken to its purpose yet with little understanding. 

Heart cries embodied in sound were amplified and brought forth with musical expression.  We gathered around transistor radios, car radios, and phonographs to feed on the emanation.  Radio, records, and artists, became our source of inspiration.  We were confined to physical matter in a dark and lost world, yet becoming alive with a force born from vague remembrance. 

Encoded by heaven and preprogrammed to decipher it, we attempted to decode, read, and understand the music.  As if by hypnotic suggestion we recognized sounds and patterns in the music we craved and celebrated.  It reminded us of the place from whence we came!   

As the eclipse of the sun or moon comes with prediction and precision, the advent of our greatest awakening came at the perfectly precise moment in history.  The 4 uniquely anointed came forth at the appointed time as “The Beatles”.  Their arrival sent a shock wave around the world. 

In the greater scheme of things God knew that the awakening message would be perfectly spoken by 4 like us.  Mere mortals, yet imbued with precision and exact purpose, John, Paul, George, and Ringo were born as individuals destined to meet as young men. 

Familiar voices rang out clearly… precision, harmony, melody, power, joy, laughter, and love poured forth from The Beatles.  Stirred deeply within by sounds familiar to us we we began to awaken.   

The Beatles embodied what we once knew as our only life.  Love for The Beatles flowed from us eagerly wanting to be reunited with them.  Their voices so familiar to us of the heaven from where we came awakened our soul’s to purpose.  An entire generation worldwide was stirred to attention.  We were sent into the world to love and were invigorated by the sounds and sights of The Beatles. 

Beatle music poured forth on earth resonating sounds familiar from heaven.  The response was electrifying.  Instantly, The Beatles were celebrated as the harbinger of goodness and love.  Few of us then recognized the Beatles as the ones sent by the God with Whom we so desperately longed to be reunited.

At the precise time in history coinciding with the birth of our generation, technology was created to bring forth Beatle music via radio, recordings, television, and movies to disseminate the loudest voice to the then largest generation on earth.   Screams of delight, raucous celebration and hysteria welcomed The Beatles. 

Inexplicably anticipating their arrival, millions of our generation greeted The Beatles with screams of delight as our sprit’s yearned for the life from where we were sent.  The entire world yielded to the Beatles “invasion”.

Song after song and concert after concert, sounds familiar of heaven emanated in the dense world bringing a cadre of messengers to attention.  Hypnotically we were entranced by the sound and nature of Beatle music.  United by the common vibration we began to live anew as our spirits were deeply stirred. 

Beatle music dominated our lives.  For a precious few years, the Beatles poured forth their heavenly gifts to a generation thirsting for recollection.  The release of each new Beatle song charged us and penetrated our souls.  We craved more of their music because it spoke deeply to our spirits of something familiar and precious missing from our lives.  We were reminded of our heavenly origin and calling.

Though it was for only four earth years that we enjoyed emerging new Beatle music, our generation laid hold of it as manna from heaven.  Few of us yet knew that it indeed was “manna” for our time. 

All music forever was profoundly affected.  The bar to which music on earth  forever will be measured was set.  The Beatle’s precision and perfection was and will forever remain unsurpassed.  The Beatles were the single greatest influence for good in the huge generation of souls at that time.  They are unique in all history carrying forth perfection from God’s heaven. 

For His purpose, God chose the 4 individual Beatles to carry out a unique message to awaken a huge “sleeping” generation.  Four, not one was on purpose.  It was essential and purposeful that the message not be brought forth from one as the One had already been sent into the world.  One only was to be worshiped. 

Though each carried the same message, neither of the Beatles would contain the entire message independent of the others.  Together, the Beatles brought forth music resounding of heaven’s joy to greet and awaken a special generation. 

The Beatles are unique gifts with heavenly purpose.  Beatle music resounds with precision and familiar sounds we were so lavishly acquainted with from our former estate.  Exacting Beatle harmony, deliberate rhythm, and humorous manner, was met with unprecedented eagerness by an entire generation. 

Technology and media was brought forth to enable the widest possible dissemination of Beatle music.  Now expressed in the dense world, Beatle music lives and thrives.  Celebrated, documented, recorded, and available to all here, the Beatles live.  For as long as the world endures, Beatle music will continue to inspire and awaken. 

As we awaken and discover God’s word written on our heart coinciding with sounds familiar of heaven, the memory of our origin and purpose on earth becomes more clear. 

The purpose is for us to awaken to memory not only of familiar music but to the message God wrote upon our hearts so that we may help others to find His word in this world and become illuminating beacons of light to others. 

One day we again will swim together in the heavenly light of freedom.  Get back to where you once belonged.  Listen, yearn, and learn.  Your heart is speaking to you.  Let your mind and heart be free.  Be yourself.  Be free!

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