When I was 15 years old, someone told me that I would have a better chance at success with photography if I could also write.

At that time I couldn't imagine myself being a writer.  As my photography career advanced, my business expanded into marketing communications and I found myself writing scripts, speeches, ad copy, concept presentations, business plans, proposals, and business letters. 

It's been only in recent years that I began to write personally.  To my great delight, I've often been able to incorporate my photographs with my stories. 

I hope you will enjoy reading my writing.

John Hora




Stories and Articles...
I hope one day to compile my stories and photographs into one or more books.  Most if not all of the stories and articles posted here are works in progress.  I welcome your comments.
"Here's my open mind... see what you can find."  Touch 1968

1010 B.A.G.
Ten chapter story with photo's about the the band that changed my life.


24 Hours from Tulsa
Story about Fasting


Activities Within the Balloon
Article about the origin of light and darkness and the falls of mankind.


Article about Ellis Island inspired by Simon & Garfunkle's "America". 

The Apartment
Coming of age episode with photo's... the first apartment where my friends lived together.

Archie Lieberman
Incredible true story about the man who most influenced my photography career. 

Becoming a Father
Short story about the birth of my first child.

The Bomb
News of the end of my marriage.  Not for the faint of heart! 

Janna Cosby
Tribute to the woman who gave me my biggest career break.

Caleb Church

Compilation of a few magnificent emails from one of the brightest minds I've ever known.  A must read!  

The Big Chessboard
Story about God's Check List

Discovering Photography
My introduction to photography in the 8th grade.  Thanks Jay!

Evolution of the Automobile
Proof that God Does Not Exist.

Family Ship
Short article about commanding the family ship on life's waves. 

Get Back

Article about The Beatle's influence from heaven. 

Going Down to the River
Article about Christian Baptism.

Grazing Was Good
Short article about life in nature.

Human Roadkill
Short story related to my divorce.

The Indomitable Spirit

Short story about what it's like to have
God's Spirit in you.


Jammin' with Joe
Story with photo's about making music
with  the legendary Joe Kelley.

Dreams and Visions

Story about my "Little Visits with God"
and index to various dreams and visions I've had.

Mike Flemming
Story behind this photo and of meeting Mike Fleming, the man that helped define my professional career. 

Little Pups
Short story about raising kids

Lunch Money
Short story about losing my lunch money

Moss Hill
The story with photo's about the Natural Foods Store I operated in the early 1970"s.

It's Raining: Correspondence with Arul regarding the Flood

The Music Awaits
Short tribute article about music.

Three Reasons Why We Do Anything Short essay about the difference between vocation, avocation, and altruism.

Train Trip
Short story about co-preaching on the train to O'Hare.

"Everything I needed to know about politics I learned in kindergarten" 

Paraphrase of Book of Romans
I wrote this for my children using today's
language to help them understand God's

Satan's Slide Show
Short article about Satan's morning greetings.

Scarlet Thread
Short article about what the bible means to me and to you.

School Band
How my music career began back in Junior High.

Shades of Grey
Story about light and darkness.

Bill Shaw
Tribute with photo's about a great drummer and really cool guy.


Cosmic interpretation pondering why we sleep.

City Tears
Short story about missing my kids.

Time & Eternity
Why time passes faster as you get older.

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