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Youtube videos of our friends!

John Hora on TV for Art of Barter in 1997 with friends Denise Crampton and Steve Arvey.  Produced for "Your Money's Worth" by Greg Glomb.

Art of Barter and John Hora featured on NBC TV 09/21/09

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" George "Oz" Ostrum"

"Livin' Out on the Street"  Joe Kelley and George Ostrum

Joe Kelley - Busted blues part 1

Billy Shaw with Mike (Roadhouse) Rider & The M80s

"Triumph" by Billy

"Keyboard Discovery" excerpts from TV show produced by Billy and Donna Shaw in 1987.

Cold Wind From Chicago Steve Arvey Live Brisbane Australia

Matt Morrison with "Blues Daddy" June 28, 2008


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