It was a clear sunny afternoon.  I enjoyed the warm California sun rays in November knowing that at home in Illinois it was chilly and overcast.   Without warning, without breaking stride, something spectacular happened to me as I lifted my left foot from the sidewalk. 

My conscious thought was abruptly interrupted by a brilliant light in the sky above my left shoulder.  Looking up, I saw a sparkling, indistinct image grow in size as it approached me from the heavens.  As it came closer, I began to see details.  It appeared to be a floating city composed of a cluster of glass geodesic domes.  Oddly familiar, I recognized this city. 

A voice spoke audibly to me alone telling me about this city.  I was told that this was a vision of my future... that all the inhabitants of this city lived together in a supportive community where each one’s gifts and talents were fully expressed.

The city was self sufficient requiring no connection to any other city on earth.  All people there wanted to be there and enjoyed a thriving economy independent of the rest of the world.  The voice I can only attribute to that of God, told me that my destiny was to build this city "For My gospel”.

It was breathtaking. 

I was thrilled beyond words. 

The voice went on to explain that every person I had ever met or ever would meet was for this very purpose and that there were no mistakes nor accidents.  It was all part of a plan greater than me.   The vision and accompanying explanation rang true and I eagerly embraced it but for one aspect.   The reference the voice made to building a city for “My gospel” troubled me.  The gospel bore reference to Jesus and the bible.  Something I had not yet reconciled. 

Was I being called by God?  I shrank back that the notion of being associated with God.  At that time of life I hadn’t made a decision one way or the other about religion.  Jesus and God were far too weighty a subject for me back then. 

Nonetheless, I was overcome by this vision.  Time seemed to stand perfectly still as I experienced it.  Coming now back to my senses, I placed my left foot back to the pavement and realized that all this had taken place in less time than it took to make one step forward. 

My friends Bill and Scot walked along side me having no idea that something life changing had just happened to me. Still rather dizzy from this experience we got into my car.  As I closed the door, I wondered how and if I should tell anyone what I had just experienced.

Overcome with awe, I began to stumble through an explanation of what I had just seen and heard. I’m sure that if asked about it, Bill and Scot would say that I was rambling incomprehensibly about something crazy which was not exactly unlike me anyway.

All I knew was that I had a new and quickly growing conviction within me. The idea of a self-sufficient community using barter for commerce was fiercely intriguing.   I clearly saw that I wanted to open a store like Wholy Foods in my hometown to be the first business in what I assumed would be many to thrive in the community shown to me that day. 

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