Though just in my late 20ís, closing Moss Hill in 1977 was a devastating blow.  I borrowed money against the family home which was now up for sale to pay off the loan.  My mom was devastated.  My sisters kept me at a cool distance. 

Ambitious zeal that fueled my youthful dreams faintly echoed within me as sobering reality took its place.  I had failed.  Where was this God that once so inspired me?

The few remaining months Iíd spend in the home of my youth quickly passed.   Soon it would be a matter of days before my mother would begin working to support herself, move to an apartment, and I would face my uncertain future alone. 

I stood alone in the large back yard of the home where I grew up surrounded by familiar trees and shrubs.  This was where Iíd played army, hide and seek, caught fireflies, planted my first garden, flown my first kite, built my tree fort, and reluctantly mowed the grass countless times.  

Alone and adult in the surrounds of my youth I sought God for hope in the midst of despair.  It was September as the Midwest summer quickly fades into autumn.  Warm winds from the South blew my long hair back as I hoped for Godís answer. 

My prayers were answered in a vision.  I saw myself as a statue standing strong against opposing winds.  Courage rose in me to face the winds I hoped would soon be displaced by the wide open place of Godís peace I so yearned for.  Calming myself I awaited encouraging words of direction.

Truth isnít always what we hope for but in the end it is always good.  God spoke to my heart telling me that the wind I felt at that moment was the wind of adversity.  He told me that winds of adversity will continue to blow through my life but that He would take me to a place in Him where I would become transparent to those winds to the point that even the hair on my head would not be disturbed. 

My heart sank at the thought of continued adversity.  Iíd trusted God and failed.  The thought of enduring more suffering didnít encourage me at all.  Thatís not what I wanted to hear.  Yet I knew this was God and accepted my fate.

God showed me the vision of an older me standing strong in peace, unmoved by storms raging around me.  I could sense what it would be like.  Storm clouds all around, furious winds of adversity opposing me.  Yet rather than even feel the wind, a calm assurance within my spirit made me totally transparent.  The winds passed right though me leaving me unscathed. 

Now 53 years old, 26 years later, the storms still rage yet I remain at peace.  I am now that man God showed me.  Nary a hair on my head is affected.  My soul is at peace.  I am calm and assured of my salvation in God. 

The world is a hostile place.  God is greater than the world.  He made the world for His good purpose.  I gave my life back to the God that gave me life in the first place.  I donít wish for adversity yet I know now better than before that whatever befalls me in life is part of Godís plan and that in Him I am more than able to withstand it.  And so I remain.  Confident and free to love. 

Though the storms rage in this life, the world as we know it lasts but a short moment in the great history of His plan.  Yield to Him despite what your senses tell you.  This life is short.  His life lasts forever.  Soon enough we shall be reunited in the spirit in Godís heaven.  Do not cling to this world.  It is temporary serving itís purpose in His grand scheme.  Relax beloved.  All is well. 

Trust God sweet soul.  Time as you know it will soon cease.  Eternity is already present within you. 

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