Human Road Kill was written in the midst of my divorce....
Human Road Kill

It was not raining nor dark and surely there would be no traffic in this place at this hour. I didn't see it coming. I couldn't even tell you if it hit me from the front or the back. Was I looking down or just lost deep in my own thought as I'm prone to be? Couldn't tell you.

They were speeding down the highway of emotion. Two lovers driving drunk. Drunk with passion, blinded by the throb of new love in full bloom. Having abandoned good judgment in favor of good feelings they were riding high in a stolen car!

This car was made for cruising in comfort at high speeds. Its suspension designed to mask all outside feeling. No bumps or potholes would disturb the sheer pleasure of this illegal drive.

Did they even notice the impact? I doubt they felt a thing. "Did you feel that? Did we just hit something" they may have said in passing. Enraptured and preoccupied with their illicit journey into each other, they drove on.

Badly bleeding on the shoulder of the highway, I watched the horizon quickly swallow their tail lights miles down the road. They were history I was road kill.  It happens. I guess that what I get for being so lost in my own thoughts.

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