Satan’s Slide Show:

It’s morning again… just waking up from my dreams in that place that is not quite heaven nor earth but thank God we have time to go there. Follow the advice of my wise friend, Tom Borden “always go to sleep in the same day you awoke”. It’s good advice but even when I slip up and stay up past midnight, I always welcome the sleep God provides.

I still ponder why we sleep. There is something unique about sleep and the life on earth experience in God’s grand plan for mankind.  I’ll keep you posted if I ever figure it out.

Irregardless, the advent of a new day arrives and God’s mercies are renewed every morning.  God's enemy is also present trying to steal the stage.  Satan is so jealous of God!  As I sort through the brackish waters of sleep and wake, I am greeted daily with “Satan’s slide show”.

With dawn of each new day declaring God’s mercy while we remain alive to live another day, Satan is present attempting to dissuade us from our faith and hope in our Creator.  Gotta give Satan credit for being so diligent!

Thoughts flood my awakening mind of my most present failures. Precision mental images attempt to cause me to recall and concentrate on this that and the other incident, issue, misstep, indiscretion, short coming, violation, etc.  Pick any one.  Surely Satan has plenty of back up information to strike fear and worry into my heart hoping to cause doubt and fear so that he can lead me astray all the day long.

The state between sleep and awake is where Satan eagerly awaits hoping to gain foothold to our conscious thought.  Though vulnerable as we may seem to his tactics, those of us knowing God’s promises easily dismiss such interference being more mindful of our salvation in God’s mercy.

Rising from my bed I effortlessly shake off the visions of disaster Satan proposes in preference for the truth that “this is the day that The Lord has made” and that “we shall rejoice and be glad in Him”.  God wins. Satan loses.

Satan’s slide show goes dark as God’s love floods my heart with light, promise, and power.

Are you still watching Satan’s slide show?  Two thumbs down on that and two thumbs up for God’s promises.

God defeated Satan at the cross of Calvary making a show of him openly.  God is good.  Contact me if you haven’t yet met God.  It would be my pleasure to introduce you to Him.

Love Always,

John Hora

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