Distant noise infiltrates gradually distracting attention from peaceful pleasant repose. 

Attempts to ignore the intrusion grow increasing futile. 

Becoming more conscious of the noise, I return to the physical and my eyes open to determine its origin. 

Do I really need pay it attention?  Is it raining?  Does it matter?

 Do we live in two worlds?  Where is life? 

Waking I reluctantly submit to the heavy physical cloak.  Flesh, bones, and desire yearn for invigoration.  For how much longer must I endure this burden? 

With every cycle of night and day in the physical world I am interrupted by gravity and physical heaviness.  Pulled toward earth I have no choice but to submit. 

Looking up through the window I behold fluttering lush green tree leaves outside.  It must be Summer I think as I attempt return to the spirit dream estate. 

Rolling over I adjust the covers revealing more skin to properly comfort my body quickly returning to the dreams I prefer.

Later, waking again I know not of time passing.  It could be day or night, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.  It matters not to me.  Betwixt and between spirit and physical I yearn to return to spirit rest. 

The realm where I thrive will continue in my absence as I serve in the lower heavy realms.  Many there are yet unaware of the heavenly state from whence we come.  They yet slumber in darkness as their spirit’s yearn to be awakened. 

The dawning of day provides precious opportunity to enlighten another soul to it’s true free destiny.  And so I emerge once again physically.  Not for me but for them. 

As sure as earth’s sun dawns, gravity extracts it’s due cause and I am again encased in physical cloak.  “Remember your instructions” I proclaim to whatever is myself as I struggle against the inevitable draw of physical world. 

I now yield to gravity and three dimensions of time passing to again submit to the offending torrent of opposition.  Becoming conscious of my body I am reminded of love and willingly submit. 

I am me yet imbued by the Spirit enjoined in the delight of the place from whence we originate.   Thus I gladly yield and awaken to the dawn of the worlds sun.  Invigorated in the Spirit I rise and inhabit the physical world. 

Time in the dream state does not pass in like fashion to the physical world. 

Where exactly do we exist?  Plant life lives in air with branches reaching up toward the sunlight and also deep in the earth with roots reaching toward water.  Both equally necessary for sustenance. 

Life yet exists betwixt and between two worlds struggling in the realm of time and light and simultaneously in the spirit world seeking deeply for equal nurture. 

Sleep is given us to quell the physical and provide nourishment in the spirit.  With periodic episodes of sleep we exist in both worlds for a season.  Were it not for sleep, our  physical bodies would become consumed through lust for pleasure. 

Why we sleep isn’t hard to understand from the physical perspective.  Physical bodies require restoration.  Life in the fallen physical world is actually death in animation.  Striving against opposition is exhausting.  Though invigorated by God's Spirit, the physical realm is ruled by God’s enemy, Satan. 

There would be no sleep nor rest were it not for God’s Christ going to the cross and dying in our stead.  Each night of sleep, God’s grace is parceled out until He returns for us.  The time of His suffering and death provided the needed rest for humanity to survive the period of time on earth till His return. 

Necessity of day and night and sleep is evidenced in the contrast of life before and after creation, the sleep that befell Adam when God separated the one making two, and the blindness Paul experienced when encountering Jesus on the road to Damascus receiving the message of God’s grace. 

Life on earth is only a temporary stopping point in God’s great plan for life.  It is as if along the way, God's car pulls over to the side of the road to fix a flat tire.  Soon we will be back on the road of eternity never to have a flat tire again. 

In God’s original heaven prior to earth, we existed in potential form.  To be fully manifested, God had to originate us in the foundational depths of His possible creation and bring us back to Him through passage of time overcoming darkness and Satan’s deception. 

Other created beings exist in God’s heaven but they are not of the free will nature He gave mankind.  God intends to populate the universe with free will entitled beings imbued with His nature made in His image.  We return to Him from Him freely by choice. 

The entire universe awaits us as our permanent abode.  Once the physical world is rid of Satanic rule it will be forever sealed and relegated to eternal darkness.  Our destiny is eternal life in light.  There will be no more death nor suffering.  We shall be free abounding in light and unlimited expression of joy and love in praise of our creator God. 

Sleep vs Awake: 05/06/06


We live in two worlds simultaneously… as the plant lives in light above ground and darkness below the ground…  so do we live in two worlds simultaneously…  we walk in the light and sleep in the darkness…  we perceive the natural world with our physical senses and in our soul we experience the spirit…  we dream, hope, fear, aspire, and are inspired by both realms…  the mind and the heart…  often at odds though through God’s Spirit renewed mind finds great delight contemplating heart and mind in agreement…  the renewed mind illuminated by God’s Word is free to traverse depths of delight and love foreign to natural man. 


We are dead men walking…  declared dead at the cross when we faced the ultimate judgment for sin, God’s Son bore the penalty for our sin…  the great exchange…  death of the spotless lamb in exchange for the life of the sinner… 


Waking from dreams we face onslaught of  opposition…  the natural world ruled by God’s enemy, Satan…  every waking second vexes the Spirit…  sin reigns here…  the world’s system arrogantly and proudly parades around as if it actually had defeated God. 


The entire construct of the world is a grotesque façade of the real life God intended…  it was hijacked in the Garden before Adam and Eve had their first offspring…  Satan had to gain control of the race immediately in order to establish his lordship over God’s man.  He proudly thumbed his nose in the face of God….


Ever since then, mankind was cut off from God’s immediate presence and became lost in the darkness of flesh controlled impulses…  Satan’s message is now conveyed to us day in day out through secular humanism, false religion, socialist media, all with the goal of one world government…  as America was once the great melting pot where people from all nations came together to live freely, Satan’s one world government will be the ultimate expression of his false version of heaven. 


Sleep vs Awake: 05/28/07
There’s a hole in the universe…


When Lucifer was repelled from God’s presence, the breach of heaven formed a hole in the fabric of the entire universe. That wound descending from beginning of time, carried through it a thread cascading throughout time, space, and everything that ever had and ever would exist. The blood stained crimson thread is the gospel of Jesus Christ our Savior Who came from heaven to take us all back to heaven.


Where was once perpetual light, now exists light AND darkness! Turn a sphere inside out and you find inverted trumpet shaped vortices, black holes of imploding matter, immeasurable gigantic hydrogen fusion balls aflame suspended throughout a formerly potentially existent infinite blackness now host of the universe where Satan will face absolute judgment wherein he will be forever relegated and sealed to never disturb God’s kingdom again.


This universe we temporarily inhabit is our view of the mind of God in physical expression. No limit to its expanse. It is the macro manifestation of the micro of the physical. Atomic structure in magnificent macro expression as displayed upon the screen of the eye’s retina. We gasp in awe beholding the glorious wonder of it all.


God is present throughout having full knowledge, purpose for and control of every element and subatomic particle in manifestation.  Made in His image, we behold it all through the lens of eye challenged to account for and respond to our purpose in His grand plan for life.


Thus we find ourselves confined to physical life on earth suspended perfectly place in orbit around the Sun totally dependent upon Him. Because of His perfect plan, physical life exists in the dark inhospitable universe with every need met to sustain us.


Unlike our former estate in heaven, on earth we have day AND night. Creation experiences light for half of its existence and dark for the other half. Equal time. Why equal? When Lucifer rebelled and fell, 1/3 of the heavenly host were deceived and fell with him. Man spends 1/3 of his life in sleep and 2/3 awake.


The 1/3 of sleep is evidence of the death of Jesus. God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All equally God yet with unique attributes. Jesus, as 1/3 of God’s trinity suffered and died on the cross that we could be forgiven by His sacrifice in our stead and legally declared righteous by God.


Thus in a manner, we die each night… thus God’s mercies are new every morning!


Science can find no reason why we should exist at all nor how it’s possible that life itself exists in this universe. It’s a miracle that we ever awake from sleep let alone even exist in the first place!


Do you see that He’s keeping us alive? He’s keeping us alive despite our sin and has forgiven our sins through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ!  If Jesus hadn’t gone to the cross in our stead, we all would go to the cross and be lost in our sins forever expelled from heaven.


The wages of sin is death.  Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. As sinners, we exist in a virtual state of death, miraculously kept alive by the mercy of God.  In order to be made righteous there must be an acceptable sacrifice. 


Death of a sinner will not make that sinner nor any other sinner righteous.  There must be sacrifice of a spotless lamb to cover the sin of a sinner.  God’s 100% pure light and perfection will not permit anything other that what is perfect to exist in His inner sanctum of heaven.


Thus the sacrifice of The One Who knew no sin and went to the cross in our place to die the death He did not deserve, rose to heaven welcomed by God, and poured out His spirit so that we could have the eternal life we do not deserve!

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