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“How big a chessboard must there be… For hands too large for me to see.”

In the early 1980’s I was privileged to be hired as communications consultant by Janna Cosby to AT&T then approaching divestiture. As an admirer of Alexander Graham Bell, collector of late nineteenth and early 20th century technology devices, and fan of the telephone company, consulting for AT&T as a young man was an amazing  experience.

I had the privilege of meeting the Vice President of the AT&T Midwest Region, Ken McCleary, working with him and those directly reporting to him. He was greatly admired and I often wondered what it was like to command such huge responsibility over one of the largest corporations in the world.

I’d try to imagine what was in Ken's head dealing with hundreds of thousands of employees, and all of the technology required to reliably deliver service to millions of customers. I thought his head must have been exploding with overload considering his great responsibility for so many people.

As I got to know his staff members, I often heard them refer to Ken as a great “simplifier”. I’d never heard that term before. I always figured the guy in charge must know every single detail about the operation from the bottom to the top.

Then I realized that the guy at the top with responsibility over the entire operation deals with big picture perspective. Thus “simplifier” meant he was uniquely able to "simplify" his thoughts, though weighty, so that he could manage the big picture he was charged with.

The assembly line worker deals with part by part unit by unit. Guy at the top deals with moving way bigger chess pieces… each chess piece placement puts billions of dollars at risk affecting millions of customers, shareholders, and soon post divestiture competitive advantages in play.

To greater or lesser degree, depending on our position in life, free will permits our hand to move the chess pieces. We are free. We make choices. Some good some bad depending upon knowledge and wisdom and we deal with the results. Hopefully we live to regret the bad choices, enjoy the good choices, and learn to be better at life in the process throughout time.

You have people at the bottom of the pyramid structure people at the top, and people in between. People at the bottom have small chess pieces and people at the top have huge chess pieces. At the bottom we deal with stuff like how to eat to live another day. People at the top deal with how to provide service to millions of customers, employment for hundreds of thousands, and profits to investors.

Thus the profound appreciation for “the simplifier” at the top. No small task. Difficult for that person to parse the minutiae of those at the bottom but huge responsibility to keep the entire organization effective and profitable.

So I thought about God. He’s at the top of the pyramid. His chess pieces are huge beyond measure. Not only is He aware of His chess pieces, He’s aware of YOUR chess pieces. Every move on the big or little board is within His view and He knows the outcome of every move we make.

Think about God’s task list.

1. I AM

2. Deal with Lucifer aka Satan. Relegate Satan post Heavenly rebellion to planet earth. Note to self… create universe and planet earth.

3. Speak and make creation. (keep in mind that chronology doesn’t apply to God. He is Alpha and Omega… beginning and end simultaneously)

4. Form Adam from dust of the earth and make him a living being in realm of time for witness and jury duty.

5. Separate Eve from Adam (make her awesome) to populate earth to get back at Satan for wasting 1/3 of Heavenly host.

6. Sacrifice Son and raise back to life. (BTW: Before foundation of the world!)

7. Make presence known on Earth and be patient… very very patient.

8. Keep plan secret so Satan thinks he got away with killing God but reveal to Paul after Son dies and returns to heaven.

9. Speak to those who hear you all the above and be sure they tell everybody and get it in writing.

10. Continue patience.

11. Send Son back in time to fetch everyone who loves Me.

12. Come back later, totally annihilate Satan, and seal up the basement so everyone gets back to heaven where we belong.

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