Train Trip

Several years ago I boarded the CTA subway train to O'Hare airport for a business trip. It was early morning... 8:30 am flight.  I boarded at Madison Street and was greeted by an older slim black man dressed in a sharp suit and tie. With a warm smile, he said "This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it".  I replied with a hearty amen.

With each of numerous stops as people boarded, this man greeted everyone with words of God's love and encouragement... He spoke of God's love and prayed that every one present would enjoy the blessing of God and encouraged each to give their lives to His care. Soon the train car was full. 

With each verse this man spoke, I answered with a with complementary bible verse.  We co-preached to the commuters all the way from downtown Chicago to O'Hare airport... about a 40 minute ride.

Most people seemed to ignore us but that didn't matter.  We each knew that "God's word is alive and filled with power!", and continued preaching. 

The smile on his mans face as I echoed his preaching answering with God's words spoke volumes to me.  He knew as did I, that proclaiming God's word in faith with love sticks to the hearts of all that hear it. 

This man became all the more bold to speak as I replied with bible verse.... Holding his bible, with eyes closed, he prayed for those present... I added my prayers speaking bible verses out loud.  He and I were as of one spirit and voice pouring forth God's love to the people on the train.  It was a marvelous experience....

Sharing God's word in public voice is a daring, bold, and righteous deed.  I admire my friend for his ministry and am glad to have co-preached with him that morning. 

Upon arrival at the airport we embraced hugging each other knowing we were brothers enjoying the delight of declaring God's word to the world in the spirit of love.

That hug was precious to me.  Hope he treasures the memory as much as I do.  God bless your ministry my friend.  

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