Circle of Friends...

Here you will find "Then and Now" photographs and often contact info for the ever widening circle of friends touched by the life and love we shared growing up in Hinsdale. 

Don't be shy.  Please send a recent photograph and contact information so that I may include YOU in this list. 

Though I am in touch with many of the people depicted herein and our friends and families, there are many people MIA. 

Please help by sharing this site with friends and help us locate those  that belong here.

Looking for...

Jay Kusler
Cathi Worline Waters
Jude Anderson
Patty Shannon
Ginny Byrne
Karen Morrison

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Doug Borsom

Curtis Cade

Janna Cosby



Rich DeRoset


Joan Gavelek


Jeanne Gunning

Diane Hill Stephens


Martha Jacobs

Joe Kelley 2001

Kim Knickerbocker Hora Powers

Lois Hora MacDonald RIP 11/24/07 :(

Linda Paskvan

Dave Pilster

Robin Rathke

Mary Sadek Meissner Smith

Bill Shaw

Michael Meissner

Matt Morrison

Kenda North

George "Oz" Ostrum

Bill Ostrum

Al Penny and

Chris Rhodes

Andy Robinson

David Robinson

Peter Robinson

Scot Robinson Contact Info Upon Request

John Wallerich

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